Expansion plan & marketing strategy

Digital marketing | Graphic design

There’s no such thing as a tough industry - but there are tough and professional machineries! And that’s what we wanted to show to potential clients!

client: Mzuri World, 2022

Staying true to visual identification

A showcase of quality products must have a great quality itself! We’ve developed a new social media visual presence consistent with brand’s visual identification. Sharp edges, strong fonts and vivid color – details that emphasize machinery’s strength!

Advertising campaigns for brand expansion

When expanding to other countries you have to think about every stage of the marketing funnel. Keeping that in mind, we planned a strategic advertising campaign with ads for each phase: awareness, consideration and conversion.

Social media audit & dedicated templates

Effective brand awareness comes with a vital social media profile! We dived into the existing profile and conducted an insightful audit. We’ve listed pros and cons of the current social media game, came with optimization recommendations and designed a template dedicated for posts.

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