“E-bike guide” ebook design

Graphic design

How to publish all great advices so people can easily learn and share? By creating a neat and fun guidebook!

client: CleanTechnica, 2022

Our mission was to design a great collection of tips and knowledge about e-bikes into a simple ebook!

Starting from scratch, we have created a design system with a typography hierarchy and electrifying color palette. The second step was cover design – we have brainstormed a creative puzzle concept that clearly shows the variety of bikes inside! After that we have taken care of the inside layout, just have a look!

Photos, schemes, comparisons, bullet lists, hyperlinks – we have designed all the graphic components which make it easy to navigate and read this genius content!

How do you enjoy e-bike guide “ride”? Would you like to read it yourself? Jump onto CleanTechnica’s page and enjoy the read! Do not forget to make a shout-out to the author – Jo Borras!

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