Trainings promotion via content marketing and ads

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The goal of our customer was to start sales of professional trainings for the solar energy industry. Curious of the campaign's results? Enjoy a read below.

client: CCLaw, 2021

As the sales process in the B2B industry is long and the purchase needs to be well thought, we have decided to go with a content marketing strategy. That was the best possible solution which will also bring value to the client in the long term. At the top of the marketing funnel, we have used the client’s blog and have published competent articles covering the solar industry.

The creation and promotion of the e-book was the second stage of the marketing funnel.

Its promotion through nationwide media enabled us to reach potential customers and build image of the CCLaw brand as legal experts in the photovoltaic industry. Through the e-book landing page and remarketing campaigns we were able to collect leads, and later sell the final product efficiently.

The third funnel stage was based on Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and newsletter campaigns. To make a long story short, we have overcomed the goal and made 160% of expected sales, the campaign’s ROAS reached 1600%.

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